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Are you female, 45+ and in the "messy middle"?

Whether you're embracing this stage or dreading it, welcome to the friendly community where we are challenging attitudes to midlife and growing older - starting with the woman in the mirror!

Jo Blackwell The Midlife Movement

“What percentage of your life do you have left? Midlife is no more than a pit stop.”

Chip Conley

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Hi there!

I'm Jo Blackwell, a Photographer, Writer and Founder of The Midlife Movement. 

Midlife took me by surprise - I was completely unprepared for the physical and emotional changes I experienced, but I have come out the other side stronger, healthier and happier. That's what I want for you. No woman should have to struggle alone.

I created The Midlife Movement Membership as the friendly resource I wish I'd had when I was feeling lost, lonely and invisible. And it's a resource I am loving to use to enhance my life now.

Now I also offer 121 coaching to help  you navigate these changes so you can love your life right now! You can find out more here: 121 Coaching. Ready to take action? Then book a free "Rediscovery" call with me clicking the button below.

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"But I'm too young for the menopause!" 

 If you've started experiencing changes in your physical and mental health and are in your forties, it might well be due to the perimenopause - use our free checklist to assess whether you need to find out more!

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Midlife, redundancy, relationship changes, menopause - no matter how "strong" we believe ourselves to be, life's transitions can often knock our confidence and leave us reeling. You have all the answers you need - my job is to help you find them, to believe in you until you believe in yourself again!

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“At 50 I began to know who I was. It was like waking up to myself”

Maya Angelou

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